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World Premiere of Daniel Ciba's Crumbs
June 10-25, 2022

What is Crumbs about? This reimagining of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale concerns two sisters as they grapple with their journey into adulthood. Mixed with musings on childhood innocence, personal loss, and the inscrutability of memory, Crumbs considers how the past continually informs the present. But as Hannah and Greta run away, get lost, and meet their witch, can they resist the familiar story— the awkward legacy that casts them as justified murderers—and find their own path forward?

Autumn Clack
Ruth S McCleskey
Megan Nix
Cindy Lou Parker

June 10-25, 2022

Cone Man Running's Studio 
1824 Spring Street, Suite 233
Houston, Texas 77007

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