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Don't let Black History Month stop with February!
Join us March 1 and 2, 2019 at 7:30pm for Yunina Barbour-Payne's Precious Memories.

Girls of Windsor

Tickets are free to the public.  BPP invites audience members to donate to the Christiansburg Institute for whom the show is dedicated. 

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About Us

Join BPP for authentic, fun and female-driven theatre! There's nothing better than good, live theatre. We know. We've sat in the audience and performed in great theatre that has left us moved, entertained and inspired. And these magical experiences — both in the audience and on stage — motivated us to create Boiling Point Players.

Boiling Point Players is committed to creating theatrical moments that inspire you the way we've been inspired. We want our theatre to bubble, sizzle, and broaden the definition of what constitutes a night out at the theatre. And most of all, we want to create more opportunities for women to take the stage!

Original Founders: Autumn Clack, Melanie Martin, Ruth McCleskey

Current Staff: Autumn Clack, Michelle Odgers, Ruth McCleskey